IPA Viborg

Are you visiting Viborg or the nearby area?

Are you a police officer in another country?

If you can answer “yes” to both, we’d love to get in touch with you!

We can offer:
- A tour of our police station along with an introduction to the danish police
- Guidance to your trip and advice on places to visit- Help getting accommodation

Here you can find a list of activities in Viborg municipal.

You can contact us the following ways:
By our main e-mail at mail@ipaviborg.dk or by phone or phone text (SMS) at below numbers.

You can also drop in and visit us at Rødevej 1, 8800 Viborg.

Best regards,
On behalf of IPA Viborg

Chairman, Niels Brohm, nbr003@politi.dk, +45 72 58 29 24

Treasurer, Johan Richtendorff, jri002@politi.dk, +45 72 42 35 25  and +45 28 51 31 06

Web, Thomas Roesen, tkr007@politi.dk

Board member/Merchandise, Thomas Boldsen, tbo007@politi.dk, +45 40 84 63 22



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